Tilray is a producer of cannabis and cannabinoid preparations for medical, therapeutic and research applications based in British Columbia, Canada. Tilray provides patients and researchers with the highest-quality medical cannabis and cannabinoid products, all produced according to strict European Union Good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines. We were among the first organizations to be federally licensed by Health Canada, the health ministry, to produce and distribute medical cannabis, and subsequently cannabis extract products.

Tilray is among medical cannabis industry leaders in setting the global standard for safety, security, ethics and quality. We are proud to be exporting from Canada to Croatia in partnership with Imunološki zavod.

Tilray is developing a range of products specifically for use in clinical trials in Canada and abroad. The Tilray Clinical Compound collection and all Tilray extract-based products—such as those now available in Croatia--are characterized by well-defined, consistently reproducible cannabinoid and terpene content formulated for stable pharmacokinetic profiles.

The import of cannabis preparations into the Republic of Croatia is regulated by applicable European Union, national and local laws governing narcotics and the prescription and dispensing of prescription drugs, which allow for the prescription of cannabis-based preparations.


Tilray is currently exporting the following preparations based on medical cannabis to Croatia for use by prescription:

  • Cannabis oil in bottles, Tilray Drops (Cannabis Sativa Oil) 5.0 mg THC / CBD 5.0 mg per 1 mL of oil
  • Cannabis oil in bottles, Tilray Drops (Cannabis Sativa Oil) 2.5 mg THC / CBD 2.5 mg per 1 mL of oil

Tilray’s Cannabis oil in bottles is a special formulation of medical cannabis oil that can be dosed with the provided dropper for convenient oral administration. We produce the formulations using advanced extraction techniques. Our superior-quality cannabis extracts are mixed with vegetable-based carrier oil. Thus obtained oil is filled in bottles in an amount of 25 mL. Both products are made according to EU GMP procedures with our high-quality, pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis as starting material. 

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Cannabis oil in bottles, Tilray Drops (Cannabis Sativa Oil) are available by prescription only in pharmacies throughout Croatia. The pharmacist can dispense Tilray Drops (Cannabis Sativa Oil) only in strict adherence with the specific parameters of the prescription.


Patients are advised to take the prescribed dose of Tilray Drops (Cannabis Sativa Oil) by adding drops in a meal or with a few sips of water according to the specific directions of the prescribing doctor and dispensing pharmacist.

The onset of therapeutic properties from the oral ingestion of preparations with medical cannabis generally occurs 60–90 minutes after ingestion. However, onset can take longer depending on the patient’s weight, eating habits and other factors. Always discuss dosing and oral administration considerations with your doctor in advance of starting therapy with preparations based on medical cannabis.

Duration of therapeutic effects via oral ingestion is between 4–6 hours.

These are only guidelines and patients must follow instructions from their prescribing physician.


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Please direct enquiries to Sean Carney, Tilray Director of European Business Development & Government Relations.


Tilray’s partner in Croatia is the Institute of Immunology.