Tilray is currently working with license holders and applicants in several different states to expand its presence to the U.S., where 31 states have legalized medical cannabis. 

Tilray is expanding in the U.S. by making investments in existing license holders and prospective applicants. Tilray offers license holders and applicants a combination of capital and expertise that is unmatched in the industry, including:

  • Processing and Extraction
  • Packaging, Branding, Marketing and Public Relations
  • Patient and Physician Education and Outreach
  • Management Training and Human Resources
  • Research and Development
  • Legal and Regulatory Affairs

  • Preparation of Cultivation, Processing and Retail Applications
  • Facility Design and Construction
  • Security and Compliance
  • Genetic Sourcing and Breeding
  • Cultivation Operations and Optimization

Please contact our business development team if you are interested in working with us to produce or distribute Tilray-branded products in U.S. states where medical cannabis is legal.