Cuba Flowers - Chief Information Officer

Cuba Flowers
Chief Information Officer

Cuba Flowers has served as our Chief Information Officer as well as Privateer Holdings’ Chief Information Officer since August 2016. Mr. Flowers is accountable for all global technology concerns within Tilray including ERP, Business Applications & Data, Technical Infrastructure and Consumer Applications. Prior to Tilray, Mr. Flowers served as the Director of Custom Engineering–Product Engine Solutions at Nike. Mr. Flowers had ownership of custom software utilized within Nike’s $36B Product Creation pipeline and served in key leadership roles on numerous large projects including the Nike’s partnership with DreamWorks Animation to modernize Global Footwear creation with revolutionary 3D design and sampling software.

Mr. Flowers also served in a leadership capacity on Nike’s $200MM, 5-year Footwear PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) project and co-led a small team that deployed Scaled Agile Framework methodology to over 600 software developers. Prior to Nike, Mr. Flowers led technical teams at multiple successful startups and digital design agencies. With over 20 years of experience creating modern products and building high-performing cultures, Mr. Flowers has successfully led technology teams at every scale.