Tilray cultivates a wide range of strains to meet patient needs including indicas, sativas, hybrids, and CBD-rich varieties. Medical cannabis is available in two primary forms: extracts and dried flower. Each can be administered or consumed via a variety of methods. Tilray is working closely with patients, physicians, and regulators to provide consistent availability of a range of compliant and effective forms of medical cannabis.

Indica plants originate from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and the surrounding areas. They are short plants, and have fat, deep green leaves. These strains are known for their calming effects.

Sativa plants grow roughly 10 ft tall and have light green leaves that are long and thin. These strains are known for their uplifting and energetic effects.

Most strains are a hybrid of Indica and Sativa, with one or the other dominant. These strains can yield effects common to both indicas and sativas.

High-CBD strains are bred to increase the amount of the cannabinoid CBD (Cannabidiol).


Tilray extracts start with meticulously grown cannabis before undergoing a state-of-the-art cold extraction process designed to preserve delicate cannabinoid and terpene content and to deliver a pure, aromatic and effective product.

Liquid capsules

Available in Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and two varieties of CBD for easy ingestion and precise dosage.


Available in Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and two varieties of CBD for convenient ingestion.  These products also give patients the option of infusing cannabis into many foods of their choice.

Vaporizer oil

Available in two varieties of CBD for inhalation and ease of use via vaporization, which is an alternative to smoking.


Oral spray 

Available in Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and two varieties of CBD for quick onset of relief; both convenient and fast-acting.


Available in Hybrid and two varieties of CBD for direct skin application and localized use.


Tilray has sourced 50+ strains of high quality medical cannabis from British Columbia and around the world, with some of the highest concentrations of THC and CBD available on the market.


Tilray milled blends offer patients a mix of some of our post popular strains in Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and +CBD varieties. Many patients utilize milled blends for convenient vaporization and cooking.

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