Tilray uses color to help doctors and patients identify the general category of cannabinoids: THC-dominant, CBD-dominant and THC/CBD Balance. The THC and CBD potencies are directly represented in product names. Medical cannabis is available in two primary forms: extracts and dried flower. Each can be administered or consumed via a variety of methods.

Tilray products are available in ten countries across five continents. Tilray works closely with patients, physicians, and regulators to provide consistent availability of a range of compliant and effective products

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Tilray extracts start with meticulously grown cannabis before undergoing a state-of-the-art cold extraction process designed to preserve delicate cannabinoid and terpene content and to deliver a pure, aromatic and effective product.


Full Spectrum 
Cannabis Extract

Tilray’s full spectrum products contain extract cannabis oil with active ingredients refined to 80% purity along with other natural plant compounds.

Purified Cannabis Extract

Tilray’s purified products contain API refined to 98% purity without other natural plant compounds, solubilized in oil.


Dried Cannabis

Tilray cultivates and produces a range of dried cannabis products available as cured and trimmed whole cannabis flower or precise blends of ground cannabis.

Whole Flower


Milled Flower